Head of Clinical Research and Clinical Trial Center

Naoto Tamura

Professor of Rheumatology

As a comprehensive health university that studies health from the dual perspectives of medicine and health medicine, Juntendo University strives to provide better health care with each passing day. Including the six affiliated hospitals, this university’s faculty of medicine owns 3,443(15 MAY 2020) beds, affording us the advantage of a clinical platform with a scale that is top-class in the nation. Each affiliated hospital continually accumulates an enormous amount of clinical data that covers not only the three major diseases (cancer, cerebral stroke, and acute myocardial infarction), but also intractable and rare diseases. This is certain to be a valuable asset in the future development of the medical field.

At the moment, medical institutions play a central role in the fields of clinical research and trials, prepare human resources and frameworks that consistently support all processes from basic research to application, and seek strong, efficient, and seamless development. Therefore, Juntendo Hospital integrated the Clinical Research Support Department of the university to establish the Clinical Research and Trial Center in January 2018.
This center is a one-stop shop for all of the support structures necessary to conduct clinical trials, such as support for the creation of protocols and statistical consultation for clinical trials. We are confident that this center, which is located in Hongo, Bunkyo, is an optimal facility for cooperating with those outside of the university. We welcome everybody to visit out center at any time. We come together as a team to provide consultation and support regarding clinical research and trials in order to contribute to the creation of new medical innovations.